Our Services

The fast paced schedules required by the seasonal construction in Alaska, often finds Architects, Engineers and Owners working 20 hour days to meet project deadlines. Contractors are working a similar schedule for bidding and constructing the projects. SSA brings an innovative solution and a balance to the project. We have the experience to work with all parties involved in the construction process and during all phases of the project.

Our services include:

  • Assisting Owners in determining what they require to meet their needs.
  • Assisting the Owner in determining what they should include in a request for proposals to design the work.
  • Assisting the Architect in selecting the team that will best meet the needs of the project.
  • Value engineering can be performed at the various stages and review of the design for the benefit of the Owner.

During bid phase of projects, SSA provides final peer review for the Owner or the Designer to allow for changes to be addressed by addenda.  SSA provides services to the Contractors by review of the plans and identifying areas that should be clarified by addenda or denoting areas where problems might occur during construction.

During the construction process SSA assists contractors in the preparation of submittals for the project.  This could include compilation of the submittal information from the suppliers selected by the contractor.

During the design and the construction process SSA works with either the Owner or the Contractor to provide commissioning services.  During design, the peer review includes review of system function versus need and constructability.  During construction, commissioning includes the review of installation, system operation, verification of performance and addressing any required corrective actions.

At the completion of the construction phase when systems are started, problems can appear. Often the Contractor and the Designer are baffled by either the failure of the system to meet the design intent or of individual components from working as designed.  SSA can provide troubleshooting services to both the Contractor and the Designer to help in uncovering why the problem is occurring.

The design of the facility is based on assumptions made during the design process.  Such as how many computers will be in a room, how many coffee pots, how many people, etc.  Once the owner takes possession of the facility and moves in, the actual numbers can vary from the assumed.  This can require slight modifications to control schemes, variation of the balancing of flows to spaces, or slight changes in the actual layout and construction.  SSA can assist the Owner, Designer and the Contractor in addressing these issues and providing the owner with a more comfortable environment for his employees.

After the Owner has occupied the facility certain issues can arise from construction.  Often the Owner is not aware of what constitutes a design issue, a construction issue or a program issue. SSA can assist the Owner in determining what needs to be done and who should address the issue. SSA can assist the Contractor and the Designer by providing third party review of the issue and assisting in defining corrective actions and/or project betterments.